Our solutions

Megalight Electronics  offer various Power conditioning, backup, distribution & protection equipments required between Power Grid & your computer chip to ensure continuous, clean and safe power supply for your critical applications. Productivity of any business is totally depending on continuity of power supply. We provide gamut of products to achieve following:

Continuity of Power Supply: This is one of the major requirements for uptime of your applications. To ensure continuity of power Megalight Electronics offer power backup equipment such as Uninterruptible power supply(UPS) , Inverter & Standby Generator. These equipments provide backup power supply without any interruption in case of failure of your utility power supply. We offer complete range of On-Line UPS system from 1kVA to 4800kVA. To meet requirements of different loads, we offer UPS with Three phase and single phase input/output. To achieve highest reliability UPS has facility to connect in parallel redundancy mode up to 6 units. Most of our UPS model has lower input THDi which ensures clean source. inverter generally used for SOHO and small enterprise segment to provide backup power for home appliances and lighting. We provide inverter from 600VA to 10kVA with customized battery backup. 

Conditioning of Power: Utility power supply from grid sometimes contains impurities like over/under voltage/current, sag, swell impulse etc. Such impurities in power supply might cause damage of hardware or in worst case failure of power distribution system. Purification of power supply called as power conditioning. We provides power conditioning equipments such as Voltage Stabilizer , filters etc. We offers voltage stabiliser from the range of 2kVA to 900kVA. Our Voltage stabiliser ensures stable output with wide input voltage range.


Distribution & Protection of Power supply: Efficient power distribution system is always helps to maintain continuous and safe power supply. Efficient distribution network within small facility includes various protection and distribution equipments. We offers Automatic Transfer switch (ATS), Isolation Transformer, Transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS), Power distribution Units (PDU), isolators, MCBs etc. ATS is use for automatic transfer of from one power source to other in case of failure in default power source.