• Software and hardware integration design 
    UPS uses innovative software procedure control model, not only reduce the volume but also reduce the failure rate. W has strong antijamming ability. Output voltage and frequency cn be modified by RS232 ports.
  • High input power factor 
    The power input uses power factor correction technology (PFC), make input power factor over 0.95, completely remove UPS’s pollution to mains, saving energy sources and considered as a green power. 
  • Startup self-check 
  • Wide input voltage and frequency range 
    The input voltage range is 120~300VAC (-45%~+40%), it can fit for vile power environment, reduce discharge time of battery so help extend battery life, wide input power range (45Hz~65Hz), ensure UPS can supply power together with generator, furthermore UPS output is pure and steady.   
  • Intelligent by-pass output
  • Strong charge ability
    When UPS connect to mains, there is a 5~10A original charging current to battery. 
  • Automatic startup
    While the mains is off, UPS change to battery invert and discharge to battery lower voltage, when the mains return, UPS can automatically startup to mains invert condition without manual startup.  
  • Sine wave output
    W series UPS can export low distortion factor and pure sine wave whether under the mains invert model or battery model, W series UPS provide best safeguard to client’s loading equipment. 
  • LCD
    Rack mount UPS LCD display in horizontal or vertical. LCD can be adjustable by a button for horizontal or vertical display to rack mount variable placement. 
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