• True on-line double conversion topology structural design, DC/AC convertor adopts SPWM technology, IGBT model and isolation transformer, the output of the UPS is a pure sine wave (steady frequency constant voltage, low distortion factor) and completely solve the voltage fluctuation, frequency drift, waveform distortion, noise disturbance, thunder and etc. supply the equipment with comprehensive and perfect protection. 
  • Wide voltage range of AC input, reduce the times of battery use and increases battery life. 
  • Wide range of AC input frequency; make sure that the fuel generator connected can work steadily.  
  • Static electronic bypass switch, while the UPS is fault, it can change to the bypass and supply uninterruptedly to load, and provide with sound and light alarm. 
  • Advanced automatic change and charge technology of constant current and voltage. 
  • While the mains is normal, UPS can startup without battery, meet the emergency needs of client, and repair the broken battery furthest.  
  • Perfect protection function, possess the protection of AC input over/under voltage; the protection of output over/under voltage, the protection of over load output, short, inverter over temperature, under voltage pre-alarm, battery over charge etc, ensure the system can run with stability and reliability.
  • Advanced technology of anti-electromagnetic disturbance, accord with the international standard, have good electromagnetic compatibility, won’t make electromagnetic disturbance of the load and CE certificated. 
  • Tiny voltage difference between zero line and ground, meet the power supply needs of delicate instrument and equipment. 
  • Friendly interface design of LCD, make zero distance between people and he machine. 
  • RS232 ports, supplied with intelligent UPS monitor software, and can directly control the UPS software by computer, SNMP plug-in card, and sustain network telecontrol. 
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