• Complete power protection from an on-line double conversion design incorporating an automatic static bypass for over-load and fault conditions. 
  • Low running costs with a high operating efficiency.  3W3 uses IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) technology in the inverter to achieve this high efficiency. 
  • Wide input voltage range to minimize battery consumption and to help extend battery life. 
  • High level remote monitoring and control using both RS232 and volt free contact signals from two separate communications ports. 3W3 also includes an easy to use front panel status display. 
  • Full microprocessor management which monitors and controls all functions of the UPS including operation, battery management, automatic restart and shutdown, and provides real time mains and load readings.  
  • Battery management. Programmable battery test both weekly or monthly for 6 seconds. 
  • Fault history event record. Fault alarm history with “date” & “time” of each event. 
  • ECO mode, 3W3 is also “friendly” to the electrical supply, taking 95% utility power. 3W3 establishes a new benchmark in uninterruptible power. The modern, compact design tackles power problems in a unique and innovative way to provide perfect protection for computer networks, process and medical control equipment, and any other mission critical applications.     
  • High reliability and low maintenance. 3W3 has a built in manual maintenance bypass, and MTBF (mean time between failure) of 200,000 hours, an MTTR (mean time to repair) of 15 minutes, slide out battery trays and redundant ventilation for better thermal stability.  
  • The built-in LCD display and LED mimic diagram provide clear and timely information on UPS operating status for remote communications.
  • 3W3 provides two interface ports, and a remote port including UPS-OFF, bypass and EPO inputs. 
  • The software for most operating platforms and a complete range of SNMP options (both for Ethernet and Token Ring) are available on request. 


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