• Complete power protection from an on-line double conversion design incorporating an automatic static bypass for over-load and fault conditions. 
  • Low running costs with a high operating efficiency.  
  • Wide input voltage range to minimize battery consumption and to help extend battery life. 
  • Full microprocessor management: comprehensive check-up and manage the data of UPS, ensure there is no disturbance to inferior load when the switch between power supply by bypass and power supply by inverter, while the UPS is fault, the microprocessor sends out a signal, it can change to the bypass and supply with the power supply uninterruptedly, and provide with sound and light alarm. 
  • Advanced automatic change and charge technology of constant current and voltage, activate the batteries furthest, together with strong charging current, expansion pile without adscititious charger. 
  • Manual maintenance bypass SWMB, achieve online service. 
  • LCD check-up the data in whole process: display the state of UPS, setup some parameter of UPS on the panel, feedback all signals check-upped by microprocessor.
  • Powerful overload ability: 125% load is 5 min and 150% load is 3 sec.
  • Intelligent temperature control fans, reduce noise. RS232 ports, provide with intelligent monitor software, various operating position can be changed to contact surface signal, and output. 
  • Control teleswitch and battery testing online. RS485 ports which can supply with telemonitoring panel extend to 1200m (options).  
  • Automatic fault check-up system: check-up fault of UPS automatically, and can be displayed on LCD straight, so help service staff remove fault expediently and fleetly. 
  • Perfect protection function, possesses the protection of AC input over/under voltage, the protection of output over/under voltage, the protection of over load output, short, inverter and rectifier over temperature, under voltage pre-alarm, battery over charge etc, ensures the system can run with stability and reliability. 
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