UPS systems
Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We offer our clients Continuous Power System - UPS under the brand name of Megalight Electronics. These are UPS with redundant back up facilities that provides appropriate power to Computers and critical equipment. Further, these kind of UPS are mainly used in rural areas where the power back-up is poor and inadequate. Moreover, these kinds of UPS work efficiently in EB supply and generator supplies. The features of Continuous Power System are as follows:

  • Online pure sine wave continuous power system
  • Wide working range 75V and 285V
  • Power sharing between Battery & Mains during very low mains voltage (75 V to 130 V AC).
  • Cold start facility
  • Protection for overload, short circuit, low battery, high input voltage or reversed battery connections
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD) less than 6%
  • Advanced Battery Management System to increase life of the battery.
  • Battery charging can be done from Solar and wind power in lieu of Mains availability.
  • Sleep mode to prevent battery from draining when the PC or other equipments are not in use.
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