The past few years have seen rapid increases in energy prices as well as an increasing environmental awareness by consumers. For these reasons, Megalight Electronics has developed an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) technology that reduces energy costs and consumption – GreenPower UPS technology. , Megalight Electronics is committed to leading the UPS industry in Green UPS designs that reduce energy costs and consumption. 

After a year in development and hundreds of tests, the, Megalight Electronics engineering team zeroed in on an advanced-circuitry bypass design. The meticulously engineered design improves energy efficiency by significantly reducing the heat generated and energy consumed during normal utility power operation. 

 Megalight Electronics   UPS design reduces the power consumption of UPS systems by up to 75% compared to conventional UPS systems. 

The GreenPower UPS  advanced-circuitry design is both impressive and solid. During normal power mode the GreenPower UPS design bypasses the Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) and Transformer. This technology dramatically reduces the energy used and heat generated by the transformer during normal mode. “Our competitors’ UPS systems have a significantly lower level of energy-efficiency. Especially when the UPS design is conventional online double-conversion, or line interactive and running under full load.. 

How significant is GreenPower UPS technology? In a world where conserving the environment is an increasing concern, energy-saving is not only a matter of cost-savings, but social responsibility. According to the 2007 Frost and Sullivan UPS Industry report, several million UPS units under- 5kVA UPS are sold in North America at a value of $1.6 billion. Consequently, “The cumulative cost-savings to customers, energy-savings, and reduction in environmental impact is truly remarkable. Also, with an ability to reduce a UPS unit’s energy consumption by up to 75%, the energy-saved by individual and business users of GreenPower UPS technology is significant. 


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