About Us

"Mega Light Electronics sal" (MLE), established in 2006 by Mr. Abdo SAAD, engineer graduated from Ecole Polytechnique de France. Since it has become the leader company in Lebanon for the provision of quality power supplies and customer focused services.

We are manufacturers and traders of Stabilizers, Regulators, Survolteurs, Chargers, UPS, EPS,…

Our main clients are Telecom companies in the Middle East and Africa, in addition to banks and wholesalers of electronic products in Lebanon.

For your inquiries, please do not hesitate to visit our Web site: “megalightelectronics.com" and contact us on our email.

Our team
“MLE” is composed of a professional team; we provide you solutions to your problems.
Our specialists work directly with customers. Their attentiveness and advice actively contribute to an optimised definition of requirements and to ensure that all engagements undertaken are fulfilled. Their technical knowledge and ability to adapt and to get involved give “MLE” its distinctive approach and the power behind its efficiency.

Product - We try to provide the largest range of power supply products all over the world.

Prices - We are able to propose you a very competitive price thanks to our significant capacity of purchase and to our innovative production methods.

Customer Service - Our after sales department is composed of a professional team always ready to answer your enquiry in the best delays. Our objective is to provide an excellent and timely service up to the expectations of our customers.
A company with a distinguished performance relying on professionalism and experience. Our products and services are intended to individuals, institutions and industries according to international norms under supervision of a team of Lebanese engineers. Registered in Lebanon, in conformity with Lebanese Laws, Mega Light Electronics works with various partners around the world.

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